Activities around the hotel

The Vésubie: A gift for all time

Whether you are more into hiking, biking, or lazing around on your own, the Vésubie region offers you all the activities possible in our area, just a few minutes from the Hotel Restaurant Le Saint Sébastien in Roquebillière.

So dive into our generous nature to discover during your stay at the Hotel, the most beautiful landscapes of our jewel case.

Follow the Guide and don’t hesitate to ask for our advice when booking a room at the Hotel Le Saint Sébastien de Roquebillière.


Copyright Vésubia Mountain Park

Vésubia Mountain Park

It is difficult to describe the experience you will have on site. Climbing, swimming, jumping, discovering yourself, will be the watchwords of your passage in this multi-activity centre only a few minutes away from the Hotel Saint Sébastien.

Here is what the official website of the centre says:

“The Vesubia Mountain Park in Saint-Martin-Vésubie, located in the Alpes-Maritimes, is a unique place in Europe; by its design, by the activities it concentrates, and by the adventures you can live there.
The Vesúbia Mountain Park is the place to swim, climb, jump, walk in the heights, descend a canyon, work on your balance, walk underground, do sports, relax, play, eat, meet people…
The Vesubia Mountain Park is a fun indoor mountain activity, open to the limitless playground of the incredible Vesubie valley, close to the Alpha park!

So why not do the “Grand Saut”?

Follow the link below to visit the Vésubia Mountain Park website and book your activities after booking your room here at the Saint Sébastien.

Parc Alpha Loup

The wolves are at the gates of our region and are the pride of the Vésubie with the Alpha Loup Park

5 minutes by car from the Saint Sébastien hotel, discover the wolves in their habitat with your family, accompanied by the park teams.

Immerse yourself in a face-to-face encounter with nature and rediscover the wild animal in all of us.

The Alpha Loup park has been awarded the Animal Welfare Guarantee, and takes care to present you with animals that have great freedom of action in a park of several hectares.

So welcome to the wolves, and follow the link to visit the park’s website.


Thermal Spa of Berthemont les bains

Only 15 minutes from the Saint Sébastien hotel in Roquebillière, Berthemont-les-Bains offers an incomparable panorama of a mountain range overlooking the famous Vésubie valley.

The thermal spa of Berthemont-les-Bains offers 2 orientations: rheumatology and respiratory tract.
The rheumatology spa treatment helps to combat arthritis, back pain, joint stiffness and other rheumatic conditions. A spa treatment for the respiratory tract is indicated for people suffering from asthma, rhinopharyngitis, bronchitis and recurrent laryngitis, and will help to clear and purify the respiratory tract in order to limit the risks of infection.
2 solutions are available to you: a thermal cure in single or double orientation, to effectively treat rheumatology and the respiratory tract at the same time.

Take advantage of the Sulphuric, sodium, warm, siliceous and radioactive thermal water of Berthemont Les Bains.

This water emerges naturally at a temperature of 29°C from the crystalline rocks of the Mercantour.

Naturally rich in trace elements, which provide it with very complete therapeutic virtues, the water of Berthemont les Bains, gives the thermal spa of Vésubie all its importance.

So after booking your room at the Saint Sébastien hotel, visit the spa’s website.

The Mercantour : Hiking and nature outings in perspective.

Roquebillière and the Vésubie valley are at the centre of the Mercantour Natural Park, giving it many hiking opportunities.

So pack your rucksack and your water bottle to explore the Mercantour Park and its wild landscapes.

At the Saint Sébastien hotel, we can, on request, provide you with a packed lunch for your excursions, and thus facilitate your departure on the paths.

Visit the VisoRando website to download all the topographical indications and prepare your hikes at best from Roquebillière and the Saint Sébastien hotel, or ask us for advice, we will help you to choose according to your level.